I had hoped my first post back would include my favorite pumpkin custard recipe–the one my family eats at least twice a week.  Instead, I am the bearer of disappointing news.  I just learned from my newest VP Foundation newsletter that cinnamon is much higher oxalate than we previously thought.  Instead of 8.1 mg./teaspoon (medium oxalate), ground cinnamon has 38.5 mg. oxalate/teaspoon (high oxalate).  The VP Foundation is committed to retesting many common food items using the latest testing techniques, partly for this reason and partly to determine the soluble/insoluble oxalate content of foods (as opposed to just total oxalate).  They want to make sure their members have the most accurate values possible.  This fall the VP Foundation retested many herbs and spices, along with many other foods.  Most have similar values to the old testing, but the new value for cinnamon is a shocker.  I will be updating or removing recipes from this site over the next few weeks to reflect the new oxalate values, but until then, please be aware that any recipe on this site that includes cinnamon is much higher oxalate than I have calculated.   Although this news is disappointing to me, I am grateful to the VP Foundation for their commitment to testing and again urge readers of this site to support this wonderful organization with your membership or with donations to their testing fund.  I also am grateful for the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo group for already updating their oxalate spreadsheets to reflect the new values.  Talk about dedication!  These two resources really make the low oxalate diet easier for me.

And now more news . . . As you’ve probably noticed, I took a short sabbatical from this site to concentrate on some very important life projects.  Since my last post, I have written a dissertation proposal, taken and passed my written and oral comprehensive exams, and survived two rounds of the flu while caring for sick three-year-olds.  Phew!   I have also given this site a lot of thought–the things I’d   like to change, what I’d like to add, new series I want to write (and that dang food list that I still can’t seem to format!) and I’ve realized that the current capabilities of this site will no longer support my vision.  I’ve started searching for  new web support that will allow this site to grow and become an even better resource for low oxalate dieters.   So here’s the heads up.  Sometime in the next few months, I will have a new look and a new address, but I’ll give you plenty of warning.  I will also keep this site up and running after the transition (I just will stop adding to it) as long as the information on it stays current enough for my comfort level.  Thanks in advance for your patience in this process!

Now back to the kitchen . . . I’ve got a lot of creative cooking fun coming up as I learn how to cook with less cinnamon.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a modified pumpkin custard recipe next week!