Hi, friends. It is with deep sadness I announce that I let my domain expire and am no longer hosting Low Oxalate Info. I was not financially able to continue to host the site, nor did I have the energy to answer all of the mail I received or to keep up with the latest low oxalate information. I wish the content could have been saved and transferred to this site, but it was not possible. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

This site will remain active for as long as Word Press keeps its pledge to keep all personal blogs free and active. I will occasionally check in here to answer comments or possibly to post a new recipe, but will not be very active here.

I have been considering starting a new site that would combine the three dietary programs that have been most healing to me, The Low Oxalate Diet, Autoimmune Paleo, and Bright Line Eating. Please stay tuned in case this dream becomes a reality.